Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A year has passed...

... since I wrote my note
I should have know this rate from the start
only hope can keep me together
love can mend your life
but love can break your heart

Message in a Bottle,
The Police.

Go Faster Jim! is 1 year old today.

Last year, Time magazine picked "you" as its "Person of the Year." More specifically really, it was people who use the internet- to blog, to buy things, to put up video on You Tube etc. A person shoots some video puts it on YouTube and it becomes a national story- see for example Kramer's racial outburst.

Cathcing an event on film is not a recent phenomenon, though, look at Rodney King. If someone had not filmed that event, would it have gotten the attention that it did? I have heard people from LA say that the police have been beating non-whites there for years, but that it finally got caught on tape.

What is different now though, is the immediacy and the accessibility of the event or information. We truly live in an immediate world where as soon as an event occurs it can be spread across the internet. On top of that, people can then discuss it: blogs, forums etc.

This is certainly true for the sport of cycling where, even though we only get live coverage for a few selective races, we can get our fix through the internet at a variety of websites and blogs.

This blog is my medium for discussing not just my passion (bikes and cycling) but also anything else that comes to mind, but mostly cycling.

Thanks for reading.


Carlos said...

You're welcome. Now make the website more snazzy by including some jazz hands or spirit fingers!

baughb said...

I agree with carlos. More burning things and shiny spinning things. Mmmmmmmmm......burnnnning things!

Matt said...

Congrats amigo....I've enjoyed the posts. Keep em coming.