Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ding Dong the Click is Dead

Click. Click. Click.

I hate when my bike is noisy. A noisy bike gets into my head, messes with my mental state and can take me out of my game.

Click. Click. Click

A noisy bike is a sign of neglect and almost of disrespect to the bike. I pride myself on having a bike that makes only necessary noise.

Click. Click. Click

So I had this CLICK. At the same point of each pedal stroke. Right at the top, after the lift and as I slide my foot forward. When your bike starts making a noise, you eliminate possible sources. Does it happen while pedaling, but not coasting. If during both then it's probably a wheel. Out of the saddle, in the saddle. So on and so on. Until you have a pretty good idea of the source.

Click. Click. Click

So, the click didn't happen while coasting, was not emanating from the drivetrain itself, and it didn't change when I was out of the saddle. One persistent bugger.

I thought it was the SPD cleat thingy in my SIDIs sliding forward and backwards as I pedaled. I tinkered with the shoes. The piece cannot be removed from the shoe but I immobilized it. Next ride... still. Click. Click. Click

Next I thought it was the replaceable shim on the Durace pedals. Replaced it. Next ride. Click. Click. Click.

Gotta be the pedals themselves then, possibly the crank, but I doubt it. Turns out it was the pedals. Cranks o.k. So, new pedals and cleats and no more Click. Click. Click. And I am once more at peace.

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Anonymous said...

And a noisy ride is disrespectful to the other riders.

Ted A.