Saturday, September 1, 2007

Palos Preview 1

Palos yesterday was great. Just under 25 miles. Rode most of the race course. The massive rains of the last few weeks washed most of the lines away leaving gravelly stuff in the bottoms and in some of the turns. I think it also left many roots more exposed than they had been.

I took 3 diggers, mostly because I was a just a little tentative on the bike. I think I had too much pressure in my tires. 50 in back, 47 in front.

The diggers: 1 unforeseen, 1 endo and 1 "I'm a dumbass." The unforeseen occurred when my front tire bit on a root and just would not let me go, sending me down on my right knee. The endo occurred when I tried to anticipate the "next" line and missed my current line, again losing it on a root. The "I'm a dumbass" digger happened just letting my front wheel wash out, getting caught on yet another root. Moral of the day: protect your front wheel.

Here's a shot of the results of the unforeseen digger:

Just a flesh wound. If you don't crash, you're just not going fast enough. That philosophy though does NOT apply to the road. Never, ever crash on the road. It hurts... for a long time.

Anyway, still got out for Judson this morning. 70 miles on the road, did as much work as I could. Is it too much to ask people to pull through when they come up through a paceline?

Post ride java, mmmm mmmm good.


Anonymous said...

Way too much pressure. Mountain bike tire pressure goes against the road tire pressure as more makes the tires roll thought process. The least amount of air that you can run is optimal. Remember physics, when you bounce up and there is no contact with the ground you are not moving forward. Lower pressure = ground contact. I run 26 in front and rear(tubeless) for Palos. Unless the course is on pavement would you want more pressure. This is a common mistake with mtb but it really makes all the difference, just ask the pros.

fasterjim said...

anon- Thanks for the tip