Friday, September 28, 2007

Interbike 2007 2.5

Yesterday's impressions:

Specialized has the most intense booth here. Rock star bright lighting, so hot it had to have left a mark. It was also the only booth to say no photos, although we didn't see that sign until after we'd snapped some shots of Boonen's and Sauser's bikes.

Twin Six looks great. Word was that they're going to come out with bibs next season. Starting plain to test the market and then expanding from there.

Sockguy is also expanding, coming out with a line of socks that is thinner than their normal ones and seems to be aimed at the roadie market. Damn I love their socks!

Met Tom Ritchey at the World Bicycle Relief booth. It was refreshing to hear him talk very passionately about Project Rwanda and bringing bikes and racing to that part of the world.

Met Magnus yesterday. He said he was meeting with Felt last night. I'd to find out how that went.

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Matt said...

Sock Guy - that's all I wear for socks! I buy the wool socks and wear them year round, and regardless of whether I'm riding a bike or dressing for work.