Saturday, September 29, 2007

Interbike 2007 Day 3

Last day. I was tired. Tired of walking, tired of standing, just plain tired. Had seen everything I had really wanted to see, so today was just looking to get a look a things I may have overlooked.

Spent some time at the Salsa booth checking out their mountain bikes. Here's some photos of the Dos Niner and the Mamasita in honor of the Soiled Chamois:

The Mamasita, carbon and scandium:
Sweet graphics!

FSA carbon crank.

The Dos Niner

Short travel.

Salsa's flattened chainstays.

Then I wandered around looking at road wheels.




American Classic.


Jason said...

Right on! Thanks for the props ;)

Nice photos. The Mamasita is a damn fast 29er. Might not be my choice for 6+ hours in the saddle (that honor would go to the Dos Niner), but for XC racing/riding/training it rocks.

Again nice picts and info.


Matt said...

There is a 'revolution' going on with wheels right now. But I just can't get beyond lightweight low profile clinchers for climbing. The carbon aero wheels do like nice though, ignoring the costs.