Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Stuart O'Grady on Paris-Roubaix:

Who would have thought that it would be 27 degrees, dusty and dry? For me, it was just like a typical training day in Adelaide in summer – hot and dry. And as Australians, we [he and directeur sportif Scott Sunderland -ed.] do know a bit about staying hydrated and racing in those conditions.

I'm hoping it's going to be dry and 30 degrees for at least the next three years in a row.

But you never know with Paris-Roubaix; it can be like that one year, and the next it can be like four degrees and driving rain. But it's those conditions that can make it so unpredictable, and it's why it's such a beautiful race.

For those Celsius challenged: 27 = 80.6 F and 30 = 86 F. You think he and Sunderland were just giddy as they rolled out.

If you remember, O'Grady had a seriously crash at the Tour and only recently started riding again.

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