Monday, September 10, 2007

Palos Meltdown Photos

Found lots of photos of the race. This race was a blast. Being my first mountian bike race ever, I learned alot. If they do it next year, I will definitely do it. Also has me thinking about including more mountain bike raicng in my calendar. On to the photos.

This is the first time up Grassy Hill when I was in the lead of the 40+ group. Soon to be passed just before Gravity Cavity by the 2 guys right behind me who I believe went 1,2 in the group.

Pretty sure this is Gravity Cavity, 1st lap.

I think this is around Bad Ass Hill, 1st lap.

Second lap towards end of Turf. The guy passing me got 3rd. He originally tried to pass me on the 1st lap by the old stone bridge, but didn't make it and ran off the trail. As he passed me here he commented that it was a bad move on his part and we shared a laugh.

The Expert class start up Grassy Hill. Chris is # 473.

Lots of photos are up on the net:
red snail racing gallery 1 gallery 2


Matt said...

There is some serious hammering going in those pictures. I've heard those midwestern races are gonzo fast. Wow.

Chris said...

Dude, that's just painful to look at. You were rocking the hole shot, great job!! You had everyone strung out from the gun. Awesome!