Monday, September 3, 2007

Palos Preview 2

I rode the Palos course today. I did 3 laps of the course, about 22 miles. Pretty crowded, but not too bad. On 2-way single track I yell out " Rider up" or "Coming down" about every 30 seconds. At Palos, more than other places, there are alot of blind corners and with all the plant growth it's hard to see oncoming riders. Most riders coming up against me though weren't saying anything. I had 2 near misses. That's the main reason I don't ride Palos that much.

I rode solo. It was kind of liberating to tell oncoming riders that I was "solo."

I always seem to ride better on the mountain bike when I am by myself. Don't get me wrong, I like riding with other people, especially Tammi, but my mind is never just mine when I am riding trails with some one else. Riding alone, it's just me, the trail and my bike. I don't have to worry if I am going too fast (if I am in front) or am I going too slow (if I am not.)

The Palos course will be tough, but fun. Alot of climbing, alot of single track, but still should be opportunities to pass. I think the climbing will suit my strengths.

Alone I was able to talk to myself (in my head of course) about the course and the upcoming race. Pick out landmarks on 3 ravines so I would know when to shift down for the quick up. I would welcome a little rain before next week to pack down some of the gravelly stuff, but if not so be it.

I lowered my tire pressure and it seems to have worked. I didn't see anyone that I knew, talked to some guys about Winter Park. They saw the Rockey Mountain Roastery stickers on the 'Roo and then talk of trails, coffee and Rudy's sandwiches followed.

Plan this week is get base road rides in, Palos again Friday morning, Sunday race. Possibly MWC, but not sure.


Anonymous said...

You gotta do the MWC...not too many left!

fasterjim said...

Sorry anon, I'm out for the MWC this week, too much speed so close to Sunday.