Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Palos Preview 3

Did a short (25miles) road ride this morning. I got used to the sun being up when I leave in the a.m. to ride, now it's dark at 5:30 and for half of my ride.

Watching the sun come up this morning though and listening to RATM, my thoughts were all about the mountain bike. Having ridden the race course 4 times now, I have a pretty good mental image of the trails, where the turns are etc.

There are going to be 125 starters in the Sport class on Sunday. That's alot of riders. I contemplated switching to the Expert class, which is one lap longer and only has 30 riders signed up, but am thinking that since this is my first mtb race, I'd get killed in Expert. I'd have to race against Chrisand this guy and they would surely kick my ass.

We'll see. My plan is base again tomorrow, ride Palos on Friday, road ride on Saturday (sit in on Judson to Ridge) and then Sunday race.

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Chris said...

Hey -- remind me Sunday, you still haven't seen the work Harlan at Deluxe Tattoo did on me back in June. Pretty sweet, even if I did race my first 12-hour the next day!