Saturday, September 8, 2007

Palos Preview Final

Went out to Palos this a.m. with Chris. We were riding by 7:30 a.m. Conditions were very different from earlier this week. Overall the trails were actually a bit faster. The turns were tackier, but the roots and rocks were slipperier. I expect backups on any of the technical sections, especially if it is slick like today was. Things probably dried out during the day, but we'll see. Saw only 2 riders the whole time, alot of runners- there was a cross country meet going on while we were out there.

Now, that brought back memories of high school when I ran. What an unforgiving sport. No one really watches and when they do they just tell you to go faster!

Anyway, we did a lap of the course with some sprints etc. and then Chris showed me some newer single track: the connector, Stonehedge- some very nice stuff.

Plan is get out there tomorrow around 8, ride the course, number up and chill until 10. Then do a warm-up and race at 11:00.

Borrowing a page from Thomas Frischknecht's race prep, I'll have a beer or 2 tonight and then crash.

Race bag is packed, bike is ready, I just hope I am.

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