Thursday, September 20, 2007

Waiting for the Sun

At first flash of Eden
We race down to the sea
Standing there on
freedom's shore
Waiting for the sun

Can you feel it
Now that Spring has come
That it's time to live in
the scattered sun
Waiting for the sun.

Waiting for the Sun, The Doors.

There is something surreal about training in the dark before dawn. Temps in the low 70s, a stiff wind out of the southwest. Waiting for the sun. Not necessarily in the Jim Morrison dawn of time sense, but more in the I feel more alive at dawn sense.

With just please-don't-run-me-over blinky lights, the road and bike path are dark. Avoiding potholes and other obstacles by memory. On these dark mornings, I ride without the iPod. Only the sounds of wheels on pavement and drivetrain.

Nothing but base miles so far this week. Taking it slow and liking it. The sunrises this week have been spectacular.

About 3/4 through my ride at about 6:40 this morning, the sun was just coming up over Lake Michigan.

No more than 15 seconds and 100 ft. later, the sun is completely up. It was like someone just turned on a light switch.

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