Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yesterday morning I was reading a book to Elora when our border collie, Jasper, came into her room seeking his fair share of morning attention. Since he was sitting right on top of us, I put the book down and started to pet him.

Elora asked "What does he want?"
Me: He wants to say good morning.
E: Why?
Me: Because we all just woke up and he wants to be pet.
E: Why?
Me: I guess for a dog, getting pet is like getting a hug.

Elora got up and walked next to Jasper and started petting his back. When we first had Elora, Jasper treated her like one of the cats: not really part of the "pack" but something that occupied the same living space as he did. During the last 2 1/2 years, though, he has warmed up to her. So I have tried to encourage them to interact whenever I can.

Me: He likes his ears scratched.

Elora scratched his ears and he shifted closer to her. She then pet him on top of his head and he leaned into her.

Me: Ask him for a kiss.

She leaned her head over and said "Jasper give me a kiss." Jasper leaned over and licked Elora's cheek. She jumped up, surprised.

Me: Ha, he gave you a kiss.

E: Papa, he licked me, actually.

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