Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back to the trainer with you

I rode the last two mornings on the trainer. It hasn't been that cold in the a.m., but god damn it is dark. Honestly, I just haven't felt like putting layers of clothing to go ride my whole work-out in the dark. So, it's the trainer, iPod and ESPN for me.

My plan was to do trainer work-outs in the a.m. this week and then do the cross-practice on Tuesday night. However, we discovered that the FSA crankset we put on the Redline won't work: it doesn't provide enough clearance for the single chain ring. So, we have to put a new one on, which won't happen until Thursday. I'll have it to race on, but no cross practice for me. I was hoping to get some pointers from some of the other cross racers, but I'd rather have the bike working well than not.

It strange, but I feel like cyclocross is the missing piece to my cycling world. I love riding on the road, the speed, the draft, the flow of the group is addicting, but if I want to race it's either crits or road races. Crits scare the crap out of me and most of the road races are not close to Chicago. Also, I think you need team support to do well racing on the road. Mountain biking presents the same problem with many of the races being far away, requiring a whole weekend to race.

But, with cross, there's a race on almost every Saturday and Sunday from October 1 to December 20. In the Chicago series of 6 races, the farthest is only 60 mi. away.

I'm excited about Saturday's race. Now that I didn't kill myself at my first race, I have some, well, a little confidence. I'd like to get some more time on the Redline. Maybe if I can skate out of work early on Friday, I can get an hour or so on some dirt with it.

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Ron said...

I agree with the frequency of cyclocross races, same thing here in Buffalo. I guess if one is that addicted to racing and wants to get out every weekend in late fall, cross is the way to go. I've never done cross, and it'll be missing for a while. Make use of all those races, wow, racing till December is like heaven. Long season but still, its marevellous.
In boca al lupa!