Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More crap made in China recalled

More crap made in China has been recalled becasue of their use of lead paint. Most recently fake Halloween teeth were recalled today.

As a parent of a 2 year old, this whole thing is troubling. Little kids put just about everything they get their hands on in their mouths. That's what makes lead paint so dangerous.

You'd be surprised how much stuff is made in China. It seems as if everything is made there. If you took off all of your clothes and emptied you're pockets right now and looked at all of the labels, I bet a fair amount of your stuff came from China.

We recently went through all of Elora's toys and books and got rid of everything made in China. All of those little plastic animal figures, matchbox cars etc.- all made in China.

I'm not saying that all things made in China are bad, just that all things made for kids should not have lead paint in them. I'd rather feel safe now then be sorry later.

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Matt said...

I hope alot of the U.S. companies lose their shirts over this. When several of the US Corps headed overseas - it wasn't just about cheap labor, they were also going over there to avoid regulations. The were saying that it was our own regulatiosn that hurt their ability to make a profit - now how does it look? They ignored worker safety, environmental protection, and now it appears it's come down it's consumer safety.

Too bad innocent people have to pay for the decisions of corporate morons. I worked in several maquiladoras in the early 90's and saw much of the same thing. There are reasons regulations exist in the first place.....

It's such a cowboy culture with some of the companies - hell yeah I'd not let my child play with overseas toys.