Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not if, but when

I read this column by Bob Mionske about some recent fatalities caused by car/cyclist interaction and Molly Cameron's post about losing a friend and need to vent a little.

Non-riding friends often recoil when the subject of sharing the road comes up. Predictably, I jump up and down screaming about the rights of cyclists to a share of the road and how drivers need to be more careful. My tirades are frequently met with a rolling of the eyes, but I am dead serious about this. Why, because we always lose. A 155 pd. rider on a 17 pd. bike will always lose against a car.

Even if we may not always observe the rules of the road, that doesn't justify many car driver's behavior towards us. We have all had a close calls with cars. Some of the people mentioned in Mionske's column weren't even moving when they were hit and killed. Drivers don't see us and when they do, our safety is not their priority.

Mionske 's basic point was that charges against many of the drivers have not yet been filed. I share his sentiment.

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Jason said...

I enjoy the road, but damn the worry is NOT something I enjoy. My wife even says she worries less about my health during a 24 Hour Solo than she does when I do a 30 mile road ride. I have to say I agree with her.
Be careful out there.