Friday, October 5, 2007


Oscar Pereiro upon being awarded the 2006 Tour de France win and yellow jersey:

Landis believed that he wasn't guilty and he took his case until the end of the process. I don't understand him, but I respect him. I would act in a different manner. If the same thing happened to me tomorrow, I would admit it without hesitation. I would do like Oscar Camenzind did. He was positive for EPO, he knew that he did something wrong and he just went home. That's the road I would follow.

Pereiro assumes that Floyd Landis was guilty. Certainly if roles were reversed and Pereiro thought he was innocent and the tests were bogus he would appeal and fight just as Landis did. It's as if Pereiro knew all along that Landis was guilty and was willing to see if Floyd would get off before saying anything negative about him. Now that Landis lost his appeal before the USADA, gloves appear to be off.

Source: velonews

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