Friday, October 12, 2007


USADA executive director Travis Tygart reacting to news that FLoyd Landis appealed the USADA decision to the CAS:

We expect the same outcome, given the facts of the case.


The option to appeal is part of the process. He has that right, but we would prefer to spend our energies celebrating the accomplishments of clean athletes. Every penny spent litigating cases like this takes away from that.

Funny, I don't ever recall the USADA celebrating any athletes accomplishments. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a press conference where USADA celebrated anything, except for maybe their own existence. Maybe they should be spending their pennies on making sure the tests are work and the labs follow correct procedures.



GMR said...

Spend the money to make sure the tests work! Agreed!

Scott said...

Floyd was framed... :(