Monday, October 22, 2007

Sick, but still enjoying cycling

Head cold, sinus infection thing persists. It is the same thing I got last season in the fall, so I think it has to be allergy related.

In any event it has stopped me from riding as I seem to be coughing almost more than breathing.

So, unable to ride, we went out to the Carpentersville Cross race on Sunday and had a great time.

The course was dry and fast. The 1st set of barriers looked a bit high, but I was told they were legal. The sand pit was deep and got deeper with each ace. Some rode it and some ran it, I didn't see any real advantage to either unless you were really moving when you hit and carried your speed through.

Some highlights:

Lou Kuhn and Brian Conant go 1-2 in 30+.

Pete Rolewicz take 2nd in the 40+.

Devon Haskill ride away from the rest of the women's field.

The hole shot rider in the Men's IV crash into the 1st barrier creating chaos.

It looks like a hell of alot of fun, pain yes, but also fun. So, I had to keep asking myself, why wasn't I racing? In fact, everyone I knew who was racing, kept asking me why wasn't I racing? So...

First answer: I don't have a cyclocross bike. That appears to have been quickly remedied. Now I would need to practice and gain some skills. More on this later.

Hardcore Award: Mike Jones who did the 30+ and 40+ back to back, finishing 11th and 7th respectively.

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