Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Rode this morning. First time since before leaving for Interbike. 9 days off. I think that's the longest period I've been off the bike since... I'm not even sure. I usually take a week off around Xmas, but rarely longer than a week. It felt good to ride again, although the legs were admittedly a little stiff and I felt like I was pushing squares. Riding in the dark is getting old, though I should be happy to be able to ride outside at all. It was 60 degrees this morning. How long is that gonna last??

I'm sure Interbike tidbits will keep appearing here during the weeks to come. Here's one- I didn't hear anyone talking about Floyd Landis or doping. Nothing. Maybe, like me, most people have just gotten beyond the issue (at least for now) and instead concentrated on bikes (the positive) and not doping (the negative).

I guess I owe Mr. Armstrong an apology. LA recently commented about the Landis arbitration decision saying that he stated that he did not understand the verdict given the findings of shoddy lab work.

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