Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is the time of season when...

I ssslllloooowww down. I don't ride as much. My motivation goes way down. It's as if my motivation to ride directly corresponds with the amount of daylight.

Admit it, as cyclists we lead a pretty boring life: we don't drink (much), we don't eat (much), we go to bed early, get up early and we spend an inordinate amount of time on the bicycle. Very few, other than the people with whom you ride, really understand. Significant others who don't ride may say they do, but they're just saying that because they know if you don't ride you become unbearable to be around.

At this time of the "season" as ,the weather turns and the days get shorter and cooler, I find myself reaching for an extra beer in the evening and staying up later just to watch Sportcenter because I can. Still getting up early, but now spending time with the family.

Time to look at what was accomplished and to begin to look at new goals.

What did I accomplish?

1. There's no question I was way faster on the bike this season.

2. Raced my first MTB race (at age 41) and had a blast.

Things I didn't accomplish:

1. Not enough MTB.

2. Not enough races. I suffered from a perpetual tug of war: road v. mtb, racing v. family etc. Better strategy for next year would be to pick my races at the beginning of the season and commit to them early.

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turalura said...

So, are you ready to start training for the Two Beer Friday season?