Thursday, October 18, 2007

What the hell are we doing?

Silly String, once only a a child's toy, has a different, not so amusing use. Soldiers in Iraq have been using it to detect tripwires. They shoot the stuff, which travels about 10-12 feet, across a room before entering, if it hangs in the air, that indicates a possible trip wire.

Problem has been that since it comes in an aerosol can, it cannot be easily shipped overseas. Marcelle Shriver began a campaign to send cans of the stuff to Iraq after her son, Todd, a soldier in Ramadi slated to leave Iraq in November, asked his parents to send cans of the product.

Shriver finally found a company to ship the 80,000 cans she had amassed earlier this week.

What the hell are we doing over there?

Source: CNN

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