Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I wish

Cross practice tonight, then off to DC for a work conference. No riding over the weekend which kind of sucks as I really need time on the cross bike. Every time I ride it, I get a little more comfortable on it.

I know my mtb so well that I can look at a piece of trail and pretty much know where the front end might wash out or how to shift my weight and brake going into a turn. I'm just learning how to ride this bike. Thankfully jumping barriers has not turned out to be as difficult as I thought they'd be, so I can focus on riding the bike.

I wish I had bought a cross bike in September, then I could have done almost 10 races easily. Now, I probably will only get to do 4, maybe 1 or 2 more depending on location and ability to convince the family that it is a good thing for me to be gone a whole day.

After watching 3 races, with me in one of them, Tammi wants to try it too, so I have to get a cross bike for her. I think we might wait until next season though and think through a frame and build for her. She would probably use it for more than just racing on.

Racing together will be quite challenging as we may literally be handing Elora off as one of us finishes and the next starts. One possible solution is to bring the trailer and then have the one not racing warm up by towing Elora around the race course- not on the course, just around it!

That's it. Later on.

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