Friday, November 9, 2007

My Whereabouts

I want to take this moment to say that I am in Washington D.C. Apparently some have been looking for me in Washington State. Let me clarify, that is D.C. not state. Reports of me attending a conference in Washington State are wrong. At no time this year have I been in Washington State.

So, Rasmussen comes clean, kind of. He was not in Mexico. He says he lied about it because of "personal and marital reasons." He also alleges that Rabobank knew where he was at all times. Interesting. Rabobank may have some explaining to do. While Rasmussen was less than truthful about is whereabouts, does that mean he committed a doping violation or that he should have been kicked out of the Tour? I'm not sure. Additionally, why didn't he come froward with this in July?

More interesting is that he released his blood values for a period covering March 2005 through October 2007. His numbers don't appear to vary that much, but I don't know if blood doping would raise those values and there are some pretty long gaps between tests.

If Rabobank knew where he was and nobody, e.g. WADA etc., tried to find him when he was supposed to be in Mexico but wasn't, then why was he booted from the Tour? Simply for being a BFL (big fat liar). That doesn't prove that he doped.

We all want to see "clean" sport, but the system has to be fair. The tests have to be trustworthy (go ask Floyd Landis). Clear penalties for clearly defined violations.

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Jason said...

Sounds like Ras may have caught up in an Italian Booty call gone bad, and was willing to be labeled doper rather than a adulterer. OR he's now willing to have folks think it was marriage issues rather than dope. Either way. A freaking mess!