Thursday, November 1, 2007


Martial Saugy, the director of the WADA-accredited Swiss Laboratory for Analysis of Doping in Lausanne, Switzerland:

47 out of 189 riders [in the Tour de France this year] raced on blood transfusions or EPO. We have been able to show this from the samples taken at the health controls.

He then explained that the results were not enough to declare a positive result but:

It is appalling, but we find so many test results that undoubtedly point to manipulation. But there is a big difference between a suspicious sample and one that can be declared positive.

I don't know enough about the science to know how a manipulated sample would appear different from a positive one, but either there was doping or there wasn't. If there was, then 1/4 of the riders doped and that sucks. But, if a certain amount of samples always return a "manipulated" result, then Mr. Saugy's comments are inexcusable and just further tarnish the sport.

It's like the labs releasing Floyd Landis' A result before the B sample has been tested. What's the point, except to see your name in print.

Source: cyclingnews

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