Friday, November 16, 2007


Amy Dombroski, who won the Fort Lewis College SquawkerCross race in Colorado last week, on her addiction to cyclocross:

It is said that hatred is the strongest form of love, and I must say that my original sheer hatred has bred a strong addiction to cyclo-cross. I love these double days every weekend of flogging myself like a rented mule... It has become an art of turning something so foolish and clumsy looking, into a smooth rhythm of power and flow.

The post-race hack, the taste of blood in my lungs, the agony of pushing my body to the edge of implosion or explosion, the science of dialing tire pressure, the 200mg caffeine days, the drunken cowbell ringers, the importance of the first 200 metres have all become the bible of cyclo-cross; a religion that I worship every fall when the leaves begin to change colors.
Source: cyclingnews

I can't say I ever hated it, but it did take me a couple of seasons to even try it. The barrier thing scared the crap out of me. It took people like Lou, Holly, Chris Strout, Pete R. and Josh Mallan telling me "Dude, try it, you'll like it" over and over again for me to dive in.

Now, I am totally captivated by it. This is potentially a bad thing because it can only lead to the purchase of a tubular wheelset!

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holly said...

I love my tubular wheels! Playing with the pressure for each race takes away some of my nervousness.