Friday, November 30, 2007

The Plan

Wisco's cross series has a special category for old guys new to cross: 40+ cat4s.
They also have a 40+ 1/2/3/4. The 40+ cat 4 race is only 30 minutes long whereas the other races I've done were all 45 minutes. I figure I'll do the first race and then maybe do the other 40+ at 1:00, depending on the condition of the course and my legs. It will be the first race of the day, 9:45 a.m., which makes for an early departure time.

Just an easy spin this a.m. No work other than some 30 second spin ups and then some yoga. Each year that passes, another part of my body gets creaky. Used to be my knees, but since I stopped running, that's gone. Now though, it's my shoulders. Every down dog/up dog is greeted with a creak in my right shoulder. This is the shoulder I landed on last summer when I crashed on the road.

The weather looks cold and wet: classic cross.

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Chris said...

Thanks for your help and good cheering today, and congrats on the top 10 placing!