Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time to clean the bike

Went out to Daniel Wright woods for the cross group ride. I. Am. Fried.

I did some intervals yesterday down around Montrose and definitely felt those efforts, but really I just lacked power in the soft stuff.

Ride leaves at 8:00. I left late and got up there at 7:55. just barely enough time to get the bike off the roof and get on it. Haste makes waste and I forgot food, so no gels or bars for the entire 3 hour ride.

I asked a couple guys I knew how the ride separated into groups and was basically told the fast group would be 3 hours at around 18 mph or so. So, I into that group, thinking that if I got dropped then next time I'd ride with a slower group. Since it was my first time with this group, I just stayed at the back, didn't really fight for any wheels. Just wanted to scope it out and get in a good workout.

On the way up I was fine. The path was mostly dry, only the frozen ruts from yesterday's riders posed any problem. But on the way back, all of those frozen ruts had melted and the path went from dry to wet to very wet and then back to dry. I struggled on the soft wet sections and finally got popped towards the end of the ride.

One hell of workout though. Now I have to clean the bike.


Illinoisfrank said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog (re: Lan Oak Race). I was on the Daniel Wright ride this morning as well. In fact, could that have been you with me spinning back to the parking lot after getting dropped right before Old School?

fasterjim said...


Yeah, that was me. Didn't get a chance to properly introduce myself... alittle cold and a little annoyed at getting dropped. See you on the 9th!