Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just go faster

The forecast for Sunday has changed everyday this week... progressively getting worse. Last weekend they said 40 and rainy, now its a high of 33 and light snow/freezing rain.

Whatever... after Sunday at Hales Corners I feel like I can handle the snow. One good thing about the snow is that it makes the course overall slower, so my inexperienced dismounts won't hurt me as much. The snow also makes the course more technical, but at least there won't be a sandpit on Sunday! Goddamn I struggled with that thing.

It would be cool to be a rider who excels in crappy conditions. Sunday was my first race in anything but dry ground and sunshine and all things considered, I did pretty well.

I expect Sunday's field to be bigger and stronger than any of the others I've been in. All I can do is race: go as fast as I can whenever I can.

I've really laid off this week, no intervals, just some easy spinning with some light spin-ups and sprints to keep the legs lively. I want to hit Sunday fresh and ready for some speed.

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