Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Georgia Gould on the slick frozen mud which covered most of the KC course:

It was like the course tape was a magnet, and my bike was the other end of the magnet. Some days you can ride your bike, other days you can't.

Ain't that the truth. Gould beat Compton twice at the December rounds of the Crank Brother's U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross in Portland, in similar, although, probably not as cold conditions.

At Montrose I felt like the bike just didn't want to go where I was pointing it. Instead of being part of the bike and "flowing" with it, I had to fight to get control of it. In my short experience with cross, it seems like Gould is right on: some days you've got it, others you don't. That's why a series is better than a single race at determining a winner.

Source: velonews

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R. Zach Thomas said...

Hell, even when I'm riding on the road, I can hardly keep the bike in a straight line. Put me on some mud/snow and it's game over.