Monday, December 31, 2007

Best of 2007

Best race:
Even though I had the most fun racing cross, my best result was the Palos Meltdown. I hope they do that race again next year. With the Chicago Cross Cup expanding to at least 7-8 races and maybe more (a tenantive schedule is already out) I will have alot of cross racing opportunities. There's even been some rumors of some Spring Cult Cross races. We can only hope.

Best PRO race: Paris-Roubaix. Not just because of O'Grady's attack and win in hot and dusty conditions, but also because of CSC's team effort and sense of camaraderie as evidenced by Cancellara's post race comment:
As a defending champion, I'm very happy because I haven't lost it; we have won again as a team. I know what's on in Stuart's head now. It's a lot of joy. We'll celebrate it at the same hotel where we did it for me last year. In cycling, the sense of sacrifice must always be present. I already paired with Stuart in the finale of a classic last year in Zurich. It's a day of big cycling today; our whole team has done a great job.
Best photo:

Aiko Trail, Winter Park.
Bar width trail, a super down low trail at that. Even though this trail was only about 3 miles long, it was the most fun of the whole Winter Park trip. So much fun, that we immediately turned around, climbed back up and rode it again.

Best new piece of gear.
Got to be the cross bike.

2nd Place.

Close. Hard to choose between the new DEDA bars and stem vs. the Assos Roubaix F.I. Mille Bib Knickers. I gotta go with the DEDA though for 2 reasons. First, the shallow drop was just what I needed to be able to ride in drops more often and second, I only raced in the knickers once (Hales Corners) and while I wholeheartedly agree with Competitive Cyclists' review, I need some more rides in them.


Greg Heck said...

Wow, that cross cup schedule is a surprise. I am the head promoter for Jackson Park and didn't know that was the date we were hosting our race. Truthfully, that is the day I had in my head, but hadn't discussed it with anyone. Either way next year will be awesome with hopefully 8-10 races!! My goal is to not be forced to cross the Wiscosin border to race cross unless I choose to.

Love reading your blog and seeing another person get hooked on cross. Good stuff!!

benlikesbikes said...

watch out with renegade cross stuff, the locals dont like it