Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Trebon crash

Seems to me that this could have been avoided by a couple of different course designs:

1. Having some space between the 2 lanes of traffic. This would've provided space for off-course riders.

2. If you're going to have the 2 lines right next to each other, separate them something other than just course tape, like snow fencing.

If you watch some of the other video from the race, guys are flying off the course as they come around some of the turns, in many cases taking the course tape with them.


holly said...

This was extremely rutted and frozen. A lot of dabbing going on. It could have been taken care of with some space between which was totally doable. The problem with the fencing is that it is supported by metal posts. I learned that twice.

fasterjim said...

Holly- Good point about the metal posts.