Monday, January 28, 2008

Black part II

I received an e-mail this afternoon in regards to local teams coming out with black kits this season advising me that it was not public knowledge.

I apologize... I didn't know it was a secret. So, for the less than 30 people that read about it, please forget you knew until you see it on the road.


Strangelife said...

Before you blew the lid off their dark secret, I imagine the start line to the 1st race would have been abuzz with something like this:

R1- "Hmmm... Xxxxxxxxx team are wearing black kits this year."

R2- "Yup."

Thanks, Jim. You totally blew it.


Jason said...

Way to "f" up. Seriously. A local team got j.o.'ed that someone will know their kit color? And it's black?? I mean colors are so 1990's. Prints/patterns are in baby! Plaids, argyles, checks, stripes.

Nice of you to edit though.