Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After much consideration and looking at our finances, a new road bike is not in my immediate future. The price of the power meter is just too high. To do the coaching thing right, I need the power meter, so that si the must have. If I don't enjoy having a coach, I can sell it.

So, instead of a complete new bike, I'll get an SRM and ... drum roll please, a new carbon wheelset! The beauty of a new wheelset is that I won't need it until it gets nicer out, so I don't have to put the cash out right now and I'll be able to use it for cross season. Dugasts here I come!

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benlikesbikes said...

I loved the carbon wheels for cross this past season! Totally worth it, the dugasts as well, such good tires, get the flying doctors and make sure you get the sealant for the sidewalls along with them....