Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goings on

Haven't posted in awhile. No reason other than I haven't had much to say, but here's an update.

It's cold and snowy here in Chicago. I haven't ridden outside in awhile and to be honest, I'm not stressed out about it. I actually like riding on the trainer. I know- blasphemy. But, here's the thing, I don't like riding outside when it's cold. Some people can deal with it, I cannot. Unless there's a race, if it's below 35, forget it. I just keep telling myself, it's only for a few months and you'll be stronger because of the time spent training now. You just have to give in and learn to love it. I think of it as a necessary part of my training and by watching cycling.tv, the iPod etc., I make it through.

This morning I watched the second world cup race from the Czech Republic. Nys bunny hopping the barriers, so damn fluid.

Booked some needle; Harlan is now backed up until the end of March. Good for him. His work is exceptional and well worth the wait. Right now I am touching up some of my other pieces, adding a new piece to my left shoulder and adding a nautical star on my left bicep to match the one on my right.

My coach set workouts so far have been harder and longer than what I used to do on my own at this point in the season. I would usually do 45 minutes to an hour on the trainer during the week and then longer on the weekends. Now, with my coach setting the workouts, none of my workouts are less than an hour. Also, the workouts themselves are more structured: specific times and efforts within a specific zone.

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Chris said...

When do you go in? I'm scheduled for March 12.