Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good Life

About a week or so ago, we went out for pizza. Elora was sitting in a high chair with a piece in each hand. She and I were giggling about something when a woman walked by. She was probably in her 70s, a grandma type. I'm always amazed at the attention that grandma age women pay to Elora. Drawn to her like a magnet or something, saying hello, engaging her in conversation, asking her how old she is etc.

Anyways, as she walked past us, she said "she's adorable," I looked up, smiled and said "thank you." Then she said "good life," touched me on the shoulder and was gone.

Good life.

I've never worn any of the popular Life is Good line of t-shirts etc. because I don't really embrace that philosophy. Life frequently is not good. In fact, it can be down right crappy at times. In my legal career I probably see more bad than good. I know the idea is to focus on the good things, positive thoughts etc., but I think you have to realize that for many, life is not so good and in fact it is a constant struggle.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that what she meant was that I appreciate what I have. From her perspective it was Elora and her sparkly, wide-eyed, giggly presence. It goes deeper than that though. I have the ability to ponder a purchase like an SRM, time to ride, friends to ride with, races to compete in.

A good life.

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TRI Vortex said...

In your legal opinion: Can I sue you for making me cry about your good life and not focusing on what I'm doing.