Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Talk about giving someon enough rope. Michael Ball, owner and head honcho of Rock Racing on losing sponsors, including HED wheels:

Nope. See ya. Gone. So be it. I'll go out and buy that company and do my own wheels. I'll make my own wheels. I don't need your wheels. I'll make better wheels. I'll make cooler wheels, that's for sure.

We just got another phone call from another sponsor who is wavering. And go! See ya. I don't care. I'll buy all the equipment. I'll make my own. Next! And guess what? I'll make it better, cooler, and I'll take your market share. Next! If that's the way you really feel about this sport, and it's just an opportunity, then you shouldn't be in the sport. There's more to it than the opportunity. Absolutely I'm in it for the opportunity, but there is more to it. There are people, there are lives. So no, you can go and disappear, HED, but guess what? Tyler is still racing for me.

He makes $200 or $300+ jeans now and people buy them. Scary thing is that he might just have enough money to actually carry through on his threat and buy some of these companies.

Source: velonews

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