Friday, February 29, 2008

2 contact lenses, 1 eye

I get up this a.m. for the 5:15 club. Put my shorts on and put my contacts in. Fill up my water bottle, then skillfully avoid the 2 cats prowling in the dark and make my way up to the living room where the bike is set up.

I turn on the lights and things are looking a little fuzzy. I blink, once, twice and my left eye is seriously protesting. This is not an all together uncommon event. Eyes get dry, contacts move out of place and need to be readjusted. I reach up and pull the contact from my eye and prepare to put it back in and I stop because I feel something still in my eye. So, back to the bathroom to look in the mirror to see exactly what's going on and I discover a 2nd contact in my left eye. D'oh! In my early morning stupor: 2 contacts 1 eye.

Nothing to do but open up another set of lenses, put those in... ahhh! much better and get my ride on.

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carlos said...

good job!