Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Foo Fighters 2/25/08 Allstate Arena

In a word, f*&king incredible... wait that was 2 words. But it was. Amazing energy, a great song selection and a small stage with all 8 players on it for 3 or 4 acoustic tunes.

These guys can play, sometimes slow and soft, but mostly fast and loud, which is the way I like it. Dave Grohl knows how to work the crowd as well.

Us in the snow before the show


Let It Die
The Pretender
Times Like These
Learn To Fly
Cheer Up Boys, Your Makeup Is Running
This is a Call
Stacked Actors
Skin And Bones
My Hero
Cold Day In The Sun
But, Honestly
Monkey Wrench
All My Life
Encore:Big Me
Long Road To Ruin
Best Of You

Best songs: Times Like These, My Hero!!!!, All My Life, and the dueling guitar solos and drum solo in Stacked Actors- very Led Zepplinish.

The small acoustic stage

Before the encore Dave Grohl told this story about the first show he ever saw being at the Cubby Bear some 20 years ago, when he saw Naked Raygun and Rights of the Accused! Given that we are about the same age, odds were that I,, as well as some of you out there, may very well have been to this same show. To think I could have been slam dancing into Dave Grohl!


Melanie said...

I was there!!!!!!! I also plan on blogging about it! The show was AMAZING. I also loved the Dave Grohl speak and I also thoroughly enjoyed the drummer / singer joke Taylor pulled out.


Carlos said...

Jim, I think you should just go around saying that while moshing at the cubby bear, you touched Dave Grohl's butt. Incredible show and loved the way he just went crazy after the acoustic with Monkeywrench.

Matt said...


Anonymous said...

Naked Raygun in my opinion was the best band, not just punk band, that ever came out of Chicago. Convince me that these words don't make mommy scream:

Barbecuring babies
Shish-kabob bikinis
Napalm makes you vomit
As it sizzles off your weenie
Surf combat........

Oooh, muscle beach is now pork chop hill! Now I must go and listen to Throb Throb on the trainer. Should make time fly!