Friday, February 1, 2008

Mix it up

So far, I like training with the assistance of a coach. O.k., so its only been a month, but I feel more focused. It's tough to stay focused during the winter months, especially if your indoors. Since I do all of my training early in the a.m., I'm indoors alot. Having someone tell me exactly what I have to do each day has been kind of liberating. I set up the bike, look a what I'm supposed to do, and then do it. I don't have to spend alot of time figuring out what pace, cadence etc.

The early results are promising; my weight has remained steady. In the winter, that's my principal concern.

Janaury was pretty casual. After taking a full three weeks off in December, it was nice to get back on the bike. Four weeks of mostly tempo rides with some light efforts thrown in.

Yesterday I received this one sentence e-mail from my coach:

starting next week things will get a little more interesting. Mix things up a bit.

My first real goals aren't until June, so I don't need to tear it up now. So, some short intervals, stuff like that will be welcome. Especially since we just got almost a foot of snow here and indoors is where I'll be for awhile.


holly said...

Kevin and I are just about to start our training with Brian. We pushed the start date as far as we could with a season opener in May. I am trying to get excited to be one with the trainer. Were you able to do the 20 tt outside? That is what I am dreading the most.

fasterjim said...

I did the 20 mins indoors, which was hard, but not so bad on the trainer.