Thursday, February 28, 2008

Neck Deep

Intervals. I am neck deep in them. Very short ones and short ones no real long ones... yet. Thankfully, next week is a recovery week. I can honestly say that I have never trained this hard, this early before. Despite being cooped up inside, I feel good. Hoping for a break this weekend with at least Sunday looking good.


Chris said...

Just remember, it's *rest* that builds muscle. And most people don't take their easy days easy enough. Example: my easy spin today was 100 watts at 80-90rpm for an hour. That's it. 100 watts. No spikes, no small group spin. TAKE IT EASY **when you need to** as you're stepping up to the next level, which you are!!

Chris said...

FWIW, one of the best comments I've ever read from Euro racers: Americans don't make their hard days hard enough, nor their easy days easy enough. Phil Anderson used to do bike path rides on his easy days and get passed by grandmothers with baskets on their bikes!