Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Stayed up late, well for me anyway, to watch Super Tuesday coverage. Obama got 1.2 million votes in IL alone! I hope he can keep it going.

Went to bed later and so woke up late. As a result, I felt slow on the trainer this morning. Was supposed to 75-90 minutes today, but only did 65 minutes.

I need to spend some time this weekedn giving the bike some love: new tires, bar tape etc., take the summer wheels (Carbonnes) off and put on the lighter spring wheels (Ksyriums). Even with all the wet, snowy and cold weather, you know there will be a warmer, dry weekend towards the end of the on the month and everyone will be out there.


Anonymous said...

1. Obama!
2. I hear your pain brother! Was supposed to a 90 minute tempo/threshold ride today and lasted 60 minutes. Partly tired legs and partly getting tired of the trainer. 3. Speaking of wheels and tires, I'm thinking about some carbon tubulars for the road now! I guess the money is burning a hole in my wallet.

Super Tick said...

At least we hope there will be some warm weather towards the end of the month! When will this snow ever stop!