Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good for him

So, Jonathan Page lands on his feet and secures an American sponsor. He will ride for PlanetBike next season. Go here and here for details. Also, the WI UCI race will now be called the "Madcross presents Jonathan Page's Planet Bike Cup" on September 27th and 28th in Madison, Wisconsin. Pretty cool! That's the weekend after Interbike, so it may be in and out of Vegas and then to WI for the races. I think, though, I'd have to get an international license to do that race, but hell it's only $$!

As for me, back on the trainer. This morning, 90 minutes of warm-up and then tempo with 2 minute big ring efforts, I am cooked. I just need a little more daylight in the morning and i can get outside everyday. Maybe. Cold and dark. The only thing that could be worse than that is cold, dark and wet.

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Greg Heck said...

No International license needed for the Madison races. There will be normal USA Cycling categories along with the UCI race.

I can't wait, should be an awesome weekend!!