Saturday, March 29, 2008

New ink, Judson and the SRM

I love new ink. Harlan came up with a great design that perfectly complements what I already have on my left shoulder and the new images look great.

First Judson today with the SRM. Ride was pretty fast, but I flatted right before the cemetery turn, hit a nice size pothole, rear tire instantly lost all pressure. Roman and Tony stopped and we changed it pretty quickly, but we missed the group and had to ride back on our own. Not so bad, but the wind was raging. I heard the speeds were pretty quick coming home. Better luck tomorrow. It was a little colder this morning then I wanted, but winter is over. It's almost April and time for spring, damnit.

The SRM head displays alot of data: power, HR, speed, cadence and then also scrolls time and distance. That's alot of numbers and they're really too small to see any one of them while riding in the group. So, I didn't really even look at it. The file was interesting if just to reveal how slow we went after getting the flat.

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Anonymous said...

Don't think of it as "slow", think of it as recovery. Right before the flat we were cruising at 36.9 MPH with an average up until that point of 23.6 MPH per PowerTap numbers. Remember, to be laterally stiff, you need to be vertically compliant!