Friday, April 25, 2008


I ran into Doc Jones this morning on the lakefront while doing my "easy hour, low watts ride." We both commented on how much we love Friday workouts.

Knowing that I put in 3 good hard days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday let me just ride.

Sometimes the hardest part of training is to focus on your workout and your goal for that day only. Even if the guy on the Fuji passed way too close for comfort on the down wind stretch without even saying hello - not going to chase, not my workout today. Even if the guy on the red Trek sat behind me against the wind for 5 or 6 miles and then sneered as he finally came by me when I slowed because I realized I was going too fast for the "slow Friday ride." Don't care, not my workout.

Soon, it will Saturday a.m. Pre-ride coffee, the Judson, post-ride coffee. I love it.


Chris said...

I'm with you -- that's usually my Friday ritual as well. This week was recovery, though, so today was a mixed-zone opener, but with similar feel: instead of riding to the turnaround on the path, there I am doing repeats up and down the same stretch of trail.

I have now passed "Mannnn Wiiiiith Fiiiiiiiissshhhhhh" twice since yesterday, and can't not say it. Thanks.

Matt said...

I've always wanted a jersey that has "F@ck Off, Recovery Ride" on the back.