Thursday, April 24, 2008

LT Intervals or Man with Fish

Today is Thursday and that means only one thing: LT intervals. I woke up at 4:45. If it had been light outside, I would have just gotten up and left, but it was dark!, so instead I rolled over and woke up at:

I think today's workout was one of the best I have ever had... ever. Maybe the stars were aligned, all of the planets in a row blah, blah blah... but I felt great and still do.

The workout was supposed to be 2 x 8 mins and then 2 x 10 mins, watts between 210-240, recovery in between and then a 10 min lower level effort. I warmed up for 20 minutes and then started the first effort at Belmont going south into a stiff SE wind. 6 minutes in, I felt great and was pushing some high numbers, so I decided to go 10 minutes on the first one. The same thing happened during the second one, then the third and finally the last one. I ended up doing 4 x 10 mins. The last recovery took me up to the Shedd now coming back north.

This sculpture is simply called "Man With Fish." I think it is one of the best peices of art I have ever seen. When I ride by it I like to yell "Maaaaaaannnn Wiwwwiiiith Fiiiiiissssssshhhhhhh."

I looked back at last year's training and I am way ahead this year. In April 2007, I was just starting to get back outside, mostly just riding around, doing no intervals at all. in fact, before getting a coach, my interval use was minimal and sporadic at best. This season, I feel the best I have ever felt on the bike this early in the season.

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Chris said...

I think Man With Fish is as goofy as those ugly sculptures up in Highland Park after we turn south from Everett and cross the 4-lane. It gives me the creeps!