Monday, April 7, 2008


An 8-4 meeting on Saturday resulted in very little time on the bike. Judson on Sunday, felt good for the most part, flatted towards the end and rode back with 4 kind souls who waited: Tom, Troy, Roman and Tony. Thanks again. Second flat of the season, both pinch flats. Roman swears it is the Conti 4000s, but they're brand new. Maybe I'll switch back to the Michelins, I never seem to get flats when I'm on those.

Do the Rock on April 20 looks like an impossibility as I haven't been on my MTB since September.

Even with VS. bogus coverage, Flanders looked like a great race. What a great strategy for Quick Step. Send Devolder, keep Boonen fresh. If Boonen had attacked, everyone would have marked him. Now Boonen will be fresher for PR on Sunday. I liked the way the Quick Step riders (Boonen and Barredo) celebrated as they crossed the line, even though they personally finished out of the top 10.


chiefhiawatha said...

The rough roads account for the pinch flats. I've had 3 in the last month. Double-pinched as I rocked a huge chasm just as you hit that left turn coming up tower.

Conti 4000 in use, but I think it's more a problem with huge road problems.

Putting on 25mm tires would fix this for sure with their extra air volume

benlikesbikes said...

I am not sure the trails are going to be ready for the rock cut race, three days of rain this week, there is still snow on north facing hills up that way...

Matt said...

I run some bombproof tires for the road just to keep me from pumping air. Check out the Maxxis Re-Fuse, which are pretty much the best all around training tire you can ever ride on and not even close to the ridiculous price of the Contis and will last 4 or 5 times longer than the Michelins.

The Spez Armadillos are good too.

I know, I know...everyone has tire advice......but you won't regret the Maxxis. Oh yeah...I run 25cs now too...much better than the super skinnys.

Chris said...

Michelins are soft -- great ride, but they'll pick up all the gravel we've got going on right now. At least the Conti's are a harder compound.

You looked good out there -- didn't realize you'd flatted, or I would have joined in your posse.

Plan for Rock Cut on the 27th (selfishly, I'm hoping!) -- don't worry that you haven't ridden trail, it's a pretty non-technical race, just a couple of log crossings.