Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Michael Ball on Rock Racing being included in Tour of Georgia:

The fans told us they wanted us to be there. We are pleased that we were able to work with Medalist to come to a mutually beneficial decision. Now the race will truly field the best of the best of international and domestic pro cycling teams which will only build on the momentum created for domestic cycling at the Tour of California.

I'm a cycling fan. I could really care less if Rock Racing is there. Do any of you care if they were in or out?

Is it possible the Saunier Duval dropping out is a convenient coincidence?


Dan said...

Yea! Let them flip pedals in ToG. i think it would be great! Just because Ball speaks from his a$$ sometimes does not mean they need to sit out. For the last few years cycling is finally being shaken and not stirred. Bring it on!

my 2cents

Matt said...

I can imagine that Saunier Duval wasn't too thrilled at the TdG. I read that the riders and Scott Bikes wanted to race in America ...but as a team and title sponsor, it really made no sense. They'd blow a bunch of money and get exposure that means nothing to the SD name (apparently they make hot water heaters in Europe).

Getting in for Rock Republic is a whole nutha story, though. Who amongst us in cycling would have even heard of Rock & Republic clothing without the antics of it's owner. He's a clown in a 3 ring circus, but he is not stupid by any means. He's like cross between Victor Kiam and Enimem.

The guy watched the self promotion going on Hollywood (any news is good news) and gets noticed more than his competitors who spend big dollars in ad budgets. Genius!

Anonymous said...

Oh I care! Rock Racing is kind of exciting, isn't it? Anytime anyone can create a little controversy and rumpus- it's good times for all, no? For one thing I think its fascism to exclude sportsmen from their game with no just cause- as Medalist did to Rock Racers in the TdC. In Europe no one apparently cares if organizers and authorities (so called) fuck with people's careers and lives- mind you athletes like Tyler have paid their dues based on the law and established rules only to be excluded later (remember this guy trained by himself for years and stayed fit enough to win Mt. Washington, etc.... but in America when bullies like Medalist arbitrarily exclude careerists who paid their dues it is time to stand up for the athlete! By that I mean us riders and fans should back our guys. When they came for the athletes, I didn't care, because I wasn't an athlete....but when they came for the....etc, etc. Do you know this quote. I don't mean this compares to the holocaust- but fascism is fascism.

But cooler heads prevailed and Medalist let Rock Racing in because they saw the error of their ways. Well, no- as soon as Medalist saw dollar signs (not Ball) Medalist let Rock Racing in to bolster their sagging event in Georgia.

Everyone wants to see Rock Racing go at it out there. Their jerseys look cool. They have one of the only African American racers. They have an alternative feel and look and don't have Republican hair cuts, etc. They have a leader who is cool enough to give some vilified riders a go! Even the haters want to see them race just as spectacle- and what else is sport (especially today)?

When Johnathan Vaughters reported that one of his riders could go positive in 2008 (Road Mag), when T-Mobile fell, when all the so called anti doping teams equivocate and get revealed for the sham they are- when will it be enough for all us head in the sand cycling fans to realize - THE ENTIRE SPORT (LIKE SO MANY OTHERS) IS AND HAS BEEN A SHAM AND EVERYONE OF THE GUYS THAT CAN FINISH A PRO STAGE RACE IS A CHARGE CASE!?!? Probably even Taylor Phinney is doped - just like his Daddy was.

So pretending to keep out the bad guy because he is so easily identifiable in his big black hat- is folly.

Rock Racing rocks because they are not full of shit like the rest of the liars in the peleton.