Monday, May 12, 2008

An Increase is an Increase

Last week was a test/recovery week. I definitely needed the recovery. I had thought about asking Brian when I was due for some recovery, but then didn't, thinking I was just being a wuss. To my surprise, there it was- recovery week! Interesting that how I was feeling, i.e. needing some recovery and how his schedule coincided.

Did the test on Tuesday, May 6- averaged 247 watts for 20 minutes. A 5% increase over my March 25 test. I was a bit disappointed as I have been feeling great during all of the LT workouts and the Judsons and was hoping for a higher number. Some of it was because I was on the lakefront path and had some issues with the terrain. I'm still trying to figure out where to do these workouts. The lakefront will suffice early in the morning. Going north doesn't really work because it would take me over a half hour to get clear of Plaza.

Anyway, after talking to Brian and some of the other guys training with Brian, I have accepted this: an increase is an increase and that's the goal. If every month I have a 5 % increase:

June 260
July 273
August 286
September 301

So, if I only gain 5% per month I will have increased my overall power average by 65 watts. This would result in a P/W of about 4.2.

Brian came out for Judson on Saturday. It was a great, fast ride until I hit a large hole on St. Mary's flatting my rear wheel. Very loud crack, I was sure my wheel was trashed. Wheel was a little out of true and I ended up riding all the way back by myself, but averaged about 180 watts the whole way, nice tempo ride. Thought the group was in front of me, but turns out they were behind me. Lou was able to get the wheel true, but it may be on its last leg.

Before the ride, Brian told me to be happy about the test last week because in his words "you haven't even started the really intense stuff yet." This week I start LTs 2x per week- Tuesday and Thursday. I am excited and a little fearful all at the same time.

Congrats to Chris- soon to be a papa. Their thought process of having a child seems to be the same as ours was. Balance my friend.

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