Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Around the corner

Saturday marked 90 days until the first race of the Chicago Cross Cup- September 21, 2008. I know the schedule is unofficial now, but I believe that is the customary start of the Chicago season.

I raced a Redline Conquest Pro on clinchers last year. The race bike is undergoing some changes, to be faster and lighter.

I am making the jump to tubulars and have the wheels: 2 sets of FSA RD 800s. So my race and pit wheels will both be tubular. My initial idea was get a set of the Mavic Ultimates, but just too much money right now.

I will also probably get a new frame as I felt really big, too big on the Redline. Everything else will probably stay the same although I will probably go to Crank Bros. pedals as they are a team sponsor. My goal is to have the bike finished by mid July.

I thought about getting a full second bike, but I'm not fast enough to justify that.

90 days and then we race like crazy for 3 months. Just around the corner.


Greg Heck said...

Can't wait September 21 will be the 1st race at Jackson Park. I am coming up with a great course with plenty of power sections and some great new tech sections.

Chris said...

Holy crap dude, that's awesome. You're going to rip it this year!

Super Tick said...

At least I'm not the only only one with a countdown going for 'cross. I can't wait to get dirty this fall

Matt said...

Nice wheels!