Friday, June 6, 2008

No chains

Have not been writing. Haven't had alot to say. I am pretty disillusioned with the PROS. I read some of the updates on the Giro but I didn't watch a single stage.

Riding alot, working too much and trying to spend all of my other waking hours with the 2 people who matter the most: Tammi and Elora.

On Wednesday night Elora watched me clean my bike and lube the drivetrain. She wanted to know why I was doing every little thing and what every part of the bike was called. I let her move the cranks backwards while I put the lube on the chain. Then we went into the house and washed the grime off of our hands together.

This morning she had a bunch of her matchbox cars in a line. She was "fixing" them before the race. She held each one up in turn and made a buzzing sound and said she was "lubing" the wheels. Then she said "they're only cars, they don't have chains."

It's hard to describe what I felt in that moment, that singular moment. I am often humbled by my 3 year old daughter. More often though I am amazed by the little things of me that pop up in her.

See y'all on the road.

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Molly Cameron said...

I'm feeling you about being disillusioned with the PROs.

I realized that I did NOT even realize the Giro was going on until I heard about and uphill gravel TT.

Then I kinda got interested but, really only hoping to see Simoni win a stage after being beaten by doping bastard after doping bastard for the last few years.

Though, I imagine he is a doping bastard too...